Client IP origination analysis for posts to resingnate Chinese Communist Pary through DynaWeb.

1. Client IP are broken down to province in China. But some IPs only have ISP info and do not have province informaiton in our database.用户的IP按中国省分分类。但是有的IP我们的数据库中没有省分的信息。

2. DynaPass software help users to access DynaWeb through proxyies outside of China. DynaWeb will log those proxy IP in this case. This will explain why there are many Korea IPs. Korea has many open proxies. 动态通软件的原理是通过海外的代理上动态网。这种情况下动态网会记录代理服务器的IP。这就解释了为什么会有一些南韩的IP。南韩有很多代理服务器。