October 16, 2013 - Dynaweb presents "Weibo Leak," reviving deleted micro blog posts

China, with a population of over 1.3 billion, is the world's largest Internet market. Nearly half of China's population are Internet users. By the end of 2012, registered users of Sina Weibo had already surpassed 500 million. 46 million of these are very active users. These staggering figures can often lead to a misunderstanding that China's Internet is as free as the Internet overseas. Actually it is not. Take the largest micro blogging service – Sina Weibo – as an example: the company first uses a computer system to scan every post on the site, then they employ a group of dedicated censors to examine the posts that contain so-called "sensitive" information, and they decide whether they should be deleted or not. According to a report by Reuters News Agency in September this year, every 24-hours Sina's censors can process an average of 3-million posts. Countless Weibo users have experienced having their posts deleted or their accounts locked.

US based Dynaweb (DIT Inc.) October 10th presents the Weibo Leak website (weiboleak.com) allowing Weibo users to retrieve deleted posts from the 'black box.'

"We chose the name Weibo Leak for this new service because we hope that through unearthing and publishing censored Weibo posts, we can restore the truth within them that had been censored. One aspect is returning to Internet users the freedom of information snatched away by the Chinese Communist regime, and another aspect is preserving a historical record of this period of time in history." Dynaweb Chairman Bill Xia

Because the number of web users in China is huge, so is the number of micro blog posts that get blocked or deleted by censors. Weibo Leak collected some deleted posts and brings them back to life, publishing them online.

Dynaweb was established in March 2003, creating the Dynaweb (Dongtai Wang) website for the spreading of information and also developed the software known as Freegate, which is widely used in Mainland China to break through the so-called 'great firewall.' Since the Dynaweb website was launched, Chinese authorities have constantly tried to block the site, but in the end they have been unsuccessful. To this day the Dynaweb site has received over 700-million visits.

The information above is for immediate release.

Weibo Leak Website: http://weiboleak.com
Contact email: contact@dit-inc.us